As a college student, I am a dollar menu connoisseur. My goal is to inform you on different fast food dollar menus and what I think is best.

I live in Chico, California and am a student at California State University of Chico.

Taco Bell Dollar Menu

I like Taco Bell, I always have, but I usually never order off of the dollar menu. Everything I have gotten there I have really liked. My dad has always really liked the dollar menu, especially their breakfast dollar menu. He would go to Taco Bell pretty much every other morning for a period of … Continue reading Taco Bell Dollar Menu

Tacos El Paisa

When I got to Chico my roommates were super excited to show me this food truck that “had the best street tacos” as they said. So of course we got these tacos the night I moved in, and they were right. The tacos were really good. Tacos El Paisa is located on the corner of … Continue reading Tacos El Paisa